Change is good. Changing the world – even better.

It all starts with caring.

Helping is our thing at Buoy. It's not for glory or gain. We help because we care. So, healthcare.

If we can fix this broken system, we can help a world's worth of people regain their own health. Care to join?

The team, by team

Buoy's core values

While our interests are diverse, our standards remain the same

New idea? Let's explore it
When “fail fast” is your safety net, exciting things happen. We celebrate new ideas and perspectives. (You’ll never know unless you try.)
Vulnerability, encouraged
Embarrassed about a symptom? No judgement here. Found a great meme? Do share. Because our intent is always good – and we don’t take ourselves too seriously – people feel comfortable with Buoy.
We get it done
Our focus doesn’t waver. Getting a deployment out in record time, perfecting a dish for an office potluck – we go all in, and we make things happen.
Sugarcoating isn't our thing
We’re direct, but with heart. Whether giving feedback to our manager or self-care instructions to a user, we do it with conviction – and we honor what we believe is right.
We look out for each other
This isn’t for glory. It’s about caring. In everything we do, we find ways to help, because the well-being of others is what matters most.

Is Buoy the right fit?

Depends on how you feel about...

Dogs in the office (we've got lots)

Work-life balance (consider it struck)

Vulnerability (we're a very safe space)

Doing the right thing (sometimes it isn't easy)

Taking risks (our informal motto = "fail fast")

Follow-through (because why cut corners?)

We’ve been made aware of fraudulent activity that’s impacting employers in the health-tech space. If you receive communication about interviewing with Buoy through a third-party messaging app, please do not engage. Buoy does not use third-party apps to conduct interviews. All prospective candidates should apply directly through our career page. Please contact with any questions.

Work with us

If something looks like a fit, let us know

Equal Opportunity Employer

Buoy is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We welcome applicants of all ages, races, ethnicities, colors, national origins, genders, gender identities and gender presentations, sexual orientations, disabilities, veteran status, and other characteristics that make each one of us unique. We celebrate diversity and are proud of our supportive, inclusive workplace.

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